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Version 4.16 is now released,
direct access to what
you need on CAT !

The Latest helps you to visualize your projects
with such that specifications and issues
are all connected with the related codes and more !

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Deliver faster and better software

All-in-one test management tool for long term agile teams ! Accelerate product release,
by predicting the development progress and boost the issue fixing efficiency.

Precise Progress Management

CAT manages the real time test progress.


User Friendly

Easy to use and flexible


Streamline Issue Mapping

Allows easy linkage of issues and test cases

Seamless Collaboration

Boost productivity by seamlessly collaborating with JIRA and Redmine.


Simplified Test Design

Easily organize test suite and cases similar to Excel interface


Customizable & Scalable

Highly flexible and customizable for team's needs

Visualize the whole Project Management

Estimate the project completion date in real-time with Double burn down chart


Powerful Progress management

Monitor the real-time test progress


User Friendly

Change the execution results with one click


Simplified Test Design

Online test edit with perfectly formatted design


Seamless collaboration with different bug tracking tools

Make the most of JIRA or Redmine while utilizing CAT for test management


Automatic Issue Mapping

Map registered issues to related test cases for user convenience


Satisfactory Project Analysis

Visualize the project data to improve software quality and individual user analysis

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Key Features

Strong test suites management
Manage test suite by using add, delete or copy function directly on the browser and track all history and version automatically
Anytime, anywhere issue registration
Register new issue soon
while developing, test planning
and execution.
Real-time progress monitoring
Identify the risk quickly by examining the potential issues based on current test status with real-time progress
Automatic test planning
Organize large projects with deadlines to detect uncertainty or issues which might cause delay earlier and reduce cost of creating test schedule
Advance Search & Copy
Using copy functionality,
will significantly reduce the cost of creating multiple test suite.
Test suite Registration
Upload the test suite created using tools such as Microsoft Excel or export the test suite that contains execution result
Flexible Communication
Instant communication among team members to share valuable project information. Efficiently work with your team members to get excellent results
Seamless Collaboration
Integrate JIRA, Redmine, GITHUB and Slack with CAT projects,tasks & subtasks for easier cross-functional collaboration and better project visibility
Test Environment Management
Conveniently view the current test progress and issue status for corresponding test environment