Provides the ability to quickly release high-quality software

Manage test assets online

Register existing test specifications as is. Systematic management for each product or project can be started immediately.

Rapidly report the bugs

Bug can be reported seamlessly from the test execution screen for smooth testing.

Respond quickly to progress issues

It provides real-time insight into testing progress and fault response, enabling early detection of issues.

Visualize the quality and delivery

Provides ability to understand risks at the time of release such as quality analysis views and burndown charts for each function and environment.

Comprehensively manage the development process

Gantt charts and product backlogs powerfully support upper development process.

Integrate information in the code

By integration with the repository, it makes it easy to review code and check the scale of development.

Realize the ideal information infrastructure

It provides an optimal information sharing infrastructure such as reporting utilizing APIs and regular reports to business chats.
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Affordable Cloud Pricing

Upto 10 Users

1,000 yen

10 users per month

11 users or more

2,320 yen onwards

Monthly per user
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Deliver faster and better software

All-in-one test management tool for long term agile teams ! Accelerate product release,
by predicting the development progress and boost the issue fixing efficiency.

Precise Progress Management

CAT manages the real time
test progress.

Streamline Issue Mapping

Allows easy linkage of
issues and test cases

Seamless Collaboration

Boost productivity by seamlessly
collaborating with JIRA and Redmine.

User Friendly

Easy to use and flexible

Simplified Test Design

Easily organize test suite and
cases similar to Excel interface

Customizable & Scalable

Highly flexible and customizable
for team's needs