Modern test management platform for development

Show what your team
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Strongly supports your project management with
the Double Burn Down chart  that visualizes both
test and issue management progress.

Updates -2017/09/13  CAT 4.15 was released with the new function that visualizes the test and issue management!2017/03/07  RECRUIT LIFESTYLE CO., LTD case study was released.

Deliver faster and better software

The all-in-one testing management tool that you have never seen before! Speed up the product release with CAT that visualizes the development progress and boosts the issue fixing efficiency.

Precise Progress management

CAT manages the real time test progress.


Autolink issues and test case

Grasp the impact scope of the issue and find the must-test parts promptly.


Seamless Collaboration

Boost productivity by seamlessly collaborating with JIRA and Redmine.


Handy Usability

Utilize everything with the handy user-friendly GUI.


Straightforward Test Design

Operate CAT with excel-like interface on the web, which requires no prior knowledge.


Various Customizations

Create screen items with flexible functions for field customization.

Visualize the whole Project Management

Visualizes estimated completion date in real time with Double burn down chart.


Powerful Progress management

Monitor the real-time test progress.


Handy Usability

Enjoy the simplicity of entering the result with mouse clicks


Easy-to-use Test Design

Reproduce the friendly operability on the browser


Seamless collaboration with different bug tracking tools

Make the most of JIRA or Redmine while utilizing CAT for test management


Issue management function that connects to the test execution

Automatically stores the data by supplementing the required info for bug registration.


Feature-rich Analysis

Visualizes both software quality status and member productivity


"CAT is a platform for
an ideal development environment!"

Recruit Co., Ltd. Lifestyle Co., Ltd.

Key Features

Centralized Test Case Management online
Centralized the test suite management online by adding, deleting and copying test cases directly on the browser.
The Issue Registration function that connects to the Test Execution
Manage the software development in detail by administrating both registered issues and test executions. All necessary information can be automatically connected to the fields of issue management so that the close connection between the test execution and bug management can be realized.

Straightforward Progress Graph
Discover the risk quickly by investigating the potential issues based on current test status with real-time test progress graph.
Automatically enter the Test Schedule
Detect risks and problems which might cause the delay earlier and reduce the cost of making the test schedule so that the test executer can do the management based on the plan. It's pretty straightforward to make the test suite with the function that calculates the work hours automatically.

Search and copy Test suites
Significantly reduces the costs of making the new test suite with centralized test suite online management that searches and makes the most of the existing test suites.

Import/Export Test Cases
Upload the test suite made by tools such as Microsoft Excel to CAT or export the test suite that contains the test execution results.
Flexible Communication
Communicate with team members immediately for sharing the important information such as big project modification with CAT and reduce the waste of time.
Seamless Collaboration
Connects JIRA or Redmine in which the development team is currently using with CAT and make the most of all the handy features.
Test Environment Management
Check both the current test progress and issue status for each registered test environment with convenience.